Far too many dentists build a website when they open their practice, and then forget about it, letting it sit for months and years without any updates or changes. Just like your cell phone or wardrobe, your website can quickly become dated and even fall in search engine ranks without regular upkeep. Not only can your services or dental technology change, but your website content may also need to be edited to keep up with the industry trends and current SEO standards.

When choosing Blueprint Smiles for your website development, we not only design your site, but we provide ongoing management as well. In other words, we don’t build your website and then abandon you. We believe website management is a critical aspect to your online success, so we’ll never make you pay extra for updates along the way. You’ll have easy access to a responsive team of experts who are dedicated to making your website excel – which is the result of an optimized, user-friendly and visually appealing site.

Original Content, Customized Approach

At Blueprint Smiles, we never use a cookie-cutter approach in our dental website services. This means your pages will be filled with original, meaningful content, which is more pleasant for the reader and more favored among popular search engines. Considering the originality of your content, we realize that it may need to be tweaked or added to over time. If you get a new piece of equipment, expand your menu of services or simply want to highlight a specific procedure, just give us a call and we will quickly make the proper modifications to your website content.

Integrated Blog Feed

Fresh content on your website is a clear signal to search engines that your site has been updated and needs a visit. One of the best ways we do this for our clients is to provide an ongoing integrated blog feed. You’ll have the option of getting a WordPress blog as part of your SEO and website management services, which can include a monthly posting of quality content tailored to your dental practice services and target audience.

Performance Driven Updates

Another important part of your website management involves using our proven data tracking methods to determine which pages are performing well and which ones may need a little help. You can trust that our team of experts will be attentive and proactive when it comes to helping your entire website thrive. We’ll use our proven optimization tactics to make adjustments to the page and leverage it in an online search. It’s your job to be a good dentist, and it’s ours to stay on top of your website performance and remain up to date on the latest SEO trends and search engine algorithms.


Not only will the layout and content of your website be seamlessly maintained, but it will also remain secure. In fact, website security is something we take seriously. Your website will be hosted on a secure server, and we’ve invested in the most proven security software programs available to prevent hacking and other malicious activity. While we certainly want to attract visitors to your site, we make sure no

one gets close enough to cause harm. This is especially important if your site offers online payments or patient forms where personal information is entered.

Ready to learn more about website management from Blueprint Smiles? Please contact one of our team members today. We consider this a partnership, so we welcome your feedback and tailor our services to meet your unique preferences and needs.