One of the most significant ways we can help you drive your practice growth and maximize your investments is by helping you generate more treatment case acceptance. Without the proper training and support, dental case acceptance can be a major hurdle for dentists – whether you are brand new or a seasoned dentist. While a large portion of your patients may be diligent at scheduling their routine cleaning visits, it can be difficult to get them to accept other treatments or procedures that need to be done, especially if the patient is not currently in pain or the treatment plan requires out-of-pocket expenses. This is where we come in.

At Blueprint Smiles, we can give your entire staff, including the front desk, hygienists and dentists, the proper training to increase treatment case acceptance. We realize that getting a patient on board to get a bridge, crown or implant can be a challenging task. As the dentist, we can help you maintain a persuasive, yet non-threatening tone when speaking to your patients. In addition, we’ll equip the front desk or office staff on the tools needed to discuss any financing or scheduling obstacles that may arise so that you can avoid such topics yourself. Most importantly, our team at Blueprint Smiles will educate you on how to educate your patient. When the patient is well informed of the proposed treatment plan and fully understands the risks of not getting it done, treatment case acceptance will rise.

In addition to training your team and equipping them with the most effective techniques when communicating with patients, we can also implement proven business systems that increase treatment case acceptance. For example, many practices benefit from dental systems that improve patient follow-up and outreach methods, which prevent patients from falling through the cracks and neglecting their recommended treatment plan.

The Benefits of Improving Dental Case Acceptance

Treatment case acceptance is more important than you may think. Not only does it generate more revenue and profits, but it can have a dramatic impact on your marketing success.

Patient Growth – When a patient has a positive experience after getting a dental implant or crown, they are much more likely to refer other people to your practice than they would if they are just seeing you for semi-annual checkups. Treatment case acceptance drives sustainable practice growth.

Profitability – CEREC machines, advanced 3D imaging for implants and other dental technology are expensive. Therefore, it is important that you are using this equipment often so that you get the most return on your investment and earn better profitability.

Procedure Marketing – Believe it or not, treatment case acceptance is a key factor in boosting your internet marketing. You need return patients to maximize your marketing investments.

Ready to learn how you can help patients feel more comfortable about going forward with their treatment plan? Contact Blueprint Smiles today. We offer strategic tools for better treatment case acceptance and other key tactics to foster a successful dental practice.