While the overall success of your dental practice depends on several different systems, your scheduling system can be considered the heartbeat of the practice. It is a system that establishes the organization and rhythm of your entire operation. Your scheduling strategies allow you to provide superior care for your patients as well as meet your production goals for the day. In contrast, a scheduling system that is not efficient or well managed can cause extra stress on you, as well as drive patients away.

At Blueprint Smiles, we are here to help you choose the most appropriate scheduling system for your practice as well as help your staff execute it. A well-structured and efficient schedule can foster confidence in your patients and help you carry out your mission for optimal patient care. For example, if you market your practice as a place that is relaxing and patient centered, yet you have to rush patients out of the dental chair or make them wait past their appointment time to be seen, you’ll end up falling short of your goals and lose patient trust.

Strategic Scheduling Makes a Difference

Your scheduling system should be strategically structured to boost productivity, profitability and stress control.  Our consultants will carefully evaluate your practice goals as well as the current production levels to determine which scheduling software or system works best for you. We can even provide the necessary training your staff needs to use the software seamlessly. It is a system that the front desk, hygienists and dentists all need to be comfortable with.

We also help dentists realize the important correlation between scheduling and profitability. While you may be tempted to work more hours and increase your fees to boost production and profits, it is far more effective in the long term to focus on your efficiency. And for most practices, efficiency is driven by the schedule.

If you need help establishing better scheduling efficiency or management within your dental practice, contact Blueprint Smiles today. We look at the big picture when it comes to your practice systems and operations. Our scheduling advice is designed to result in greater productivity, improved profits and a lowered stress level for your practice.