Looking to buy or take over an existing practice?  The process can get intimidating quickly. It can be difficult to determine if a potential practice aligns with your current vision and future goals. At Blueprint Smiles, we can walk you through the entire process, from valuation and negotiations to contracts, financing and transition planning. A thorough dental practice evaluation is the first step.

Blueprint Smiles is committed to building practice growth from the very beginning, which involves helping you start in the right place. When choosing our dental practice evaluation services, you can trust that we will listen carefully to your vision and locate potential practices that would be a good fit. Your vision and goals will help us determine what kind of staff, training and financial planning you will need. We always conduct fair practice evaluations that are thorough and extremely helpful to first-time practice owners.

We Provide a Thorough Assessment That Considers Future Worth

If you are just out of dental school or have never owned a practice by yourself, you may not know what to look for in a practice evaluation. That’s why you need a Blueprint Smiles expert to pave the way and help you avoid potential mistakes that could cost you extra hassle or even failure.

While it is necessary to evaluate the current profits and patient volume of an existing practice, Blueprint Smiles values the importance of considering the future worth of a practice. This ensures that you are purchasing a practice that offers strong earning opportunities and potential revenue for when you step in.

As your Practice Evaluation consultants, we will take on the entire evaluation process which considers a full range of factors, including those that are easily overlooked. During your buying process, we not only consider the location of the practice and the patient demographics of the area, we also look at the existing equipment and any outstanding licenses or permits of the practice. This helps us develop an accurate budget of costs to include in the purchase price. We answer questions such as, “Will you need to update all of the current software?” and “Does the practice have the proper equipment to support your skillset?” We don’t want there to be any obstacles in the way of your success as both a dentist and business owner.

This is just a small glimpse of our knowledge and expertise in dental practice evaluation. If you’d like to learn more about our proven tactics for helping dentists locate and buy the right practice, please contact us today.