As you look to build your own practice or take over an existing one, let’s not forget the obvious. Your patients are your livelihood. Therefore, your practice operations, marketing and business plan should all be geared toward patient acquisition. Our consulting team at Blueprint Smiles is led by experienced dentists, so we can assure you that we understand how important it is to attract new patients as well as retain existing patients when a new dentist takes over.

We help clients realize and consider all the important factors that support patient growth. These include affordability of treatments, scheduling flexibility and availability, as well as overall patient experience and clinical excellence. As your one-stop shop in dental consulting, we can handle nearly every aspect of your practice.

We Can Help You Find Quality Patients

In terms of patient acquisition, quality is just as important as quantity. You want to attract the right patient in order to make a valued profit and grow your practice. The following are potential avenues that our Blueprint Smiles consultants may use to help you find quality patients:

Proactive Marketing: Your marketing plan should be the foundation for patient acquisition. The dental marketplace is highly competitive, and we have partnered with some of the best marketing companies in the industry so that you don’t fall behind. This can include internet marketing, direct mailings, website SEO and more. Regardless of how dynamic your marketing tactics are, it is important to remember that while your marketing can produce leads, it is up to your team to make the close and complete the patient acquisition process.

Target the Right Audience: Did you know that women are more likely to make household purchasing decisions and choose a dentist for their family? At Blueprint Smiles, we can make sure your marketing efforts appeal to the right audience or demographic.

Optimized Website / SEO: In today’s digital era, most people rely on an internet search to find services for themselves or their family. How is your website ranking in an organic search? Our services are widespread at Blueprint Smiles, so we can optimize your website and ensure you are meeting current SEO trends. Your online presence is a major contributor to new patient acquisition.

Front Desk Training: Never underestimate the power of a first impression. Your front desk staff has a critical responsibility in terms of patient acquisition. We can give them the training they need for proper telephone etiquette, which includes good manners, a gentle tone, confidence and kindness when speaking to potential patients or existing ones. Your front desk should be converting the majority of first-time callers into actual patients.

Your skillset can be expansive and your training unrivaled, but you won’t go anywhere unless you have patients. Start off right by scheduling a consultation with a qualified patient acquisition expert at Blueprint Smiles today. Contact us today for your consultation.