Whether you’re not making the profits you thought you would at this stage in your career or you’re a new dentist who is overwhelmed with the cost of starting a new practice, we can help you with your accounting numbers at Blueprint Smiles. Our turnkey business consulting for dentists includes a thorough overhead analysis of your practice. We take ample time with each client to evaluate your practice financial data, cash flow reports, expense reports and monthly statements to identify areas of concern. In other words, we take a close examination of what’s going out and what’s coming in. Are you missing out on better profits because of poor accounting or mismanaged funds? Are you putting money in the wrong places or at the wrong time? Is your unpredictable revenue cycle causing sleepless nights? Take a deep breath and call Blueprint Smiles.

Using our overhead analysis services, we can give you a clear picture of what it should really cost you to run your practice and meet your goals in production and collections. Our experts can help you redirect your funds for the most profitable use of time and resources. This may include a more efficient system, a better-trained staff, an updated piece of equipment or another adjustment. We explore all possible avenues when it comes to helping you save costs and boost profitability. Remember our ultimate goal is to equip you with the right tools to succeed as a dental practice owner.

A Financial Plan for Long-term Peace of Mind

It only takes a small chunk of time out of your day to sit down with one of our consultants and discuss your overhead analysis. With our specialized knowledge and proven tactics in the dental industry, we can help you come up with a daily, monthly and annual financial plan that is both realistic in your marketplace as well as meets your individual goals. At Blueprint Smiles, we have access to reputable dental accountants who can give you a detailed depiction of your financial picture, help you set strategic goals and recognize the trends that will affect your overhead cost and revenue in the future.

If dealing with overhead costs and managing your accounting is too overwhelming for you as a new dentist, enlist the help of Blueprint Smiles consulting group. We promise not to drain your savings in your effort to get the financial condition of your practice in order. Contact us today to set up your initial consultation.