You’ve found the perfect practice. You felt at home the moment you walked in the building and you can see your dreams of becoming a successful dentist flourish between its walls. There’s only one thing standing in the way of making the practice your own: financing. Will the bank give you a loan to buy the existing practice or commercial space? Where do you even start?

At Blueprint Smiles, we have set ourselves apart from other dental consulting firms by our ability to provide turnkey assistance and services. This means that we not only handle your staff training, marketing and system operations, but we can also help you purchase a practice. This involves a number of important services from our team, including loan acquisition.

Whether you are fresh out of dental school or looking to step out from a large dental corporation, we realize that you may not be well trained in financing. That’s okay. In fact, you should focus your expertise on providing dental care and let Blueprint Smiles assist you with any financing obligations. You’ll find that we offer trustworthy loan acquisition consultants who understand the ins and outs of working with lenders and acting in your best interest. We’ll consider your short-term and long-term financial goals when settling on the details of your loan.

Student Debt? No Problem

A large majority of the most talented and qualified dentists come out of school with excessive amounts of debt. If you are still paying off student loans, we won’t let that stand in the way. In fact, we can connect you with loan acquisition experts who routinely work with debt laden dental students who are ready to buy their own practice. Having debt doesn’t make you any less qualified to build your own practice and succeed among dental competitors. In fact, most dentists seek to establish their own practice within the first five years of their career, which often means student debt is still lingering.

As your loan acquisition consultant, we will do our best to keep you in the best cash flow situation possible, while also minimizing monthly payments so that you can invest in other areas of your practice, such as marketing, technology, and staff training. As with all of our services at Blueprint Smiles, we use a customized approach with each client we meet.

Not sure how to navigate loan acquisition for your dental practice? Let us handle it. Contact Blueprint Smiles today. We take the stress out of establishing and building your practice.