Are you a numbers person? Not every dentist is. However, the truth is, the “numbers” are what drive the overall goals and standards of your practice. This is your data analytics, which includes any number that affects the top and bottom line of the practice. At Blueprint Smiles, we not only help you gather necessary data reports within your practice, but we help you understand them and use them in the most strategic ways for your overall practice growth.

As part of our services for your dental practice, we look at all types of averages, statistics and daily numbers. This includes data on your marketing, production, profits and more. We analyze these numbers and weigh your data against industry standards as well as your practice goals or expectations. This is a process that can help you fine tune certain areas of your practice or make adjustments within your business operations and clinical systems. Based on the size of your practice and your specific goals for growth, we can recommend how often a data analysis should be performed.

How to Use Your Data to Grow Your Practice

When talking about the numbers of your practice, we aren’t referring to the number of patients you have, although that is one piece of the puzzle. There’s a lot of numbers that should be considered within data analytics, including but not limited to marketing statistics, gross profit, hygiene production, the percentage of treatment case acceptance, insurance, staffing, clinical stats and more. If your mind is already bogged down, don’t worry. Blueprint Smiles can break it all down for you.

Our data analytics team specializes in helping dentists embrace the expansive data of their practice and understand how it all fits in together. As a new or struggling dental practice owner, you can learn how to use your data analytics in a smart way to grow your business. By using data analytics, we can take the guesswork out of running your practice. Instead of relying on general postulations or estimates, we can pull actual numbers and statistics from your systems and operations.

How is your production measuring up against your competitors or the industry averages? Are your internet marketing statistics indicative of poor website optimization? These are questions we can answer for you at Blueprint Smiles. Contact us today and start using data analytics to leverage your practice success.