Owning your own practice means you’re not only a dentist, you’re also a CEO. At Blueprint Smiles, we can educate you on the business aspects of managing a successful practice. This includes comprehensive training within your business operations. While most patients don’t see the “back office” of your practice, it is no less important to your practice growth and success. In fact, a lack of communication, mismanaged payrolls and poor staff leadership can be a serious threat to the operation of your practice. Our Blueprint Smiles can help you with consulting, implementation and management of your dental business operations – as these are the building blocks of a thriving practice.

Whether we are helping you manage your overhead, providing a fee analysis or training you to conduct performance reviews for your staff, Blueprint Smiles uses a customized and simplified approach with each client we work with. Our job is to help you navigate the things you don’t know, including financing, cost segregation and payroll, so that you can focus on what you do know – caring for teeth!

Dental Practice Operations Consulting

It doesn’t matter if you are acquiring an existing practice or building one from the ground up, there are many aspects of your business operations that you need to be aware of. At Blueprint Smiles, we provide consulting and training in practice operations such as the following:

Leadership Skills: Not every dentist is born with natural leadership skills. Whether you need help communicating your needs or motivating your team towards a common goal, we can handle it. Our leadership skills training can range from helping you set a clear vision for your practice to equipping you to resolve conflict successfully.

Staff Management: In order for your dental team to put on a happy face for your patients, they need to be well managed behind the scenes. We can help you with performance reviews, salary negotiations, hiring/dismissal, employee policies and everything else it takes to have a confident and well-managed staff.

Accounting/Payroll: We can make sure your accounting methods are solid, which may include looking into your payroll system, performing an overhead analysis, improving your billing system, or other types of services that will support a more streamlined financial operation.

Financing: Do you know how to maximize your tax deductions or write-offs for your building, equipment or other assets? Don’t worry; Blueprint Smiles helps with your tax returns and financing too. We will help you with things like understanding how you can take advantage of the IRS Section 179 tax deduction or how to utilize cost segregation as it pertains to your specific practice.

As a Dentist CEO, you can expect to wear many hats. Some of these hats you may not want or know how to wear. By choosing Blueprint Smiles, we can make sure nothing falls through the cracks in terms of your business operations. Our firm is unlike any other; we provide consulting, implementation and management in all aspects of your practice ownership. Whether you need help understanding your tax returns or your staff needs better communication tools, contact Blueprint Smiles for help.