Inspire Smiles Project

Meals Provided
For every cleaning or filling, we will donate 10 meals to the needy
Dollars Worth of Medicine Transported
Every root canal leads to someone receiving medicine worth $600
Water Filters Delivered
Every crown or bridge procedure provides 1 drinking straw
Malaria Nets Distributed
Every implant, dentures, or veneer procedure provides 1 malaria net

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A Consulting Company with a Cause

We started Blueprint Smiles with one core mission in mind: to somehow give back to the community through our work. After a few years of trying to discover our sole purpose, we finally stumbled upon an idea that’s quite revolutionary to the dental industry.

What if we could somehow donate a portion of dental procedures to a cause that impacts millions all around the world?
What if we could do this with just a minimal bottom line to the practice owner?
Just as important, if not more so, what if we could do this without any extra cost to theĀ patients?
And ultimately, what if all this could inspire others to share their smiles as well?

What was once a humble idea turned into a lifelong dream. How are we doing this?

Enter theĀ #inspiresmilesproject

What is it?

It’s a lifelong commitment (as long as we’re around, at least) to give a portion of revenue from dental procedures to help those in need.

How does it work?

Easy. There is a list of dental services that align with a predetermined charity and donation percentage. Let’s say a patient needs a crown. They will go to the dentist and have the procedure done and pay whatever their normal amount is. A small portion of that revenue will go to a charity. Those portions make a large impact on communities around the world.

In order to help serve our local communities (in a dental aspect), Blueprint Smiles will set up free clinic days where we team up with clients, partners, and vendors to provide free dental care to those in need. Make sure to be on the lookout for details or ask us at any time!

Who does it help?

We’ve partnered with majorly awesome and credible charities, which cover various critical needs, that provide amazing bang for the buck in terms of how they use the donations:

Food: every $1 = 11 meals

Medicine: every $1 = $60 worth of medicine

Water: every $10 = an individual water filter which helps provide clean and safe drinking water

Malaria nets: every $10 = a malaria net which helps protect vulnerable families from the deadly disease of malaria